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I have a handful of gorgeous dresses in various sizes that I have available for clients to wear for any session with me. I want you to feel beautiful in your session and know sometimes it is hard to find the perfect dress, especially in the maternity - post-partum period when your body is changing so much, you deserve to have options and feel beautiful! 

What is a client closet?

I love this question because in-home photos are not really about the home at all! The most important thing I look for is the lighting in your home. As long as you have a large window that can allow natural light in, we can most likely make it work! During the planning process, you will send in a couple of photos of the light in your home and we can decide what is going to be the best fit. 

what if I want to photograph in my home but am not sure if it will photograph well?

Once we photograph your session, your fully gallery will be delivered within 4 weeks!

what is the turnaround time?

It is always best to book a couple months in advance to give us plenty of time to plan your session and vision from location to timing to wardrobe! For maternity sessions, the best time to photograph is in the 28-34 week range. Newborn sessions are typically photographed in the 6-14 day range but I have photographed plenty of babies outside of that range with beautiful results!

When is the best time to schedule my session?

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